Beware of Facebook Challenges

Beware of Facebook Challenges

Did you participate in the Facebook 10 Year Challenge? Have you ever answered some of the Facebook games that include what is your favorite movie, favorite color, or favorite food? All of these challenges, mimes and group questions seem relatively harmless, but are they?

The Facebook 10 Year Challenge

The most recent Facebook Challenge to hit popularity, again, is the 10 year challenge. This challenge invites users to post a picture of themselves from 10 years ago next to a current photo. The popularity of this challenge is for showing off how much or how little the user has aged. Some users will also include their age, birthday and other specific and personal information. Now, this game may not have been designed for data collection for a facial recognition algorithm, but it could still be used for nefarious things especially when combined with other information.

Challenges on social media can be fun. They bring people together for a common cause like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Unfortunately, there can also be a negative side to these challenges that users should be aware of before participating. When users provide personal information, they maybe exposing themselves to hackers. ~ Brett Bauman, CEO of

Social Media vs website Worldwide & Facebook Challenges

What Movie, Book Or TV Show Could You Live In?

Have you ever answered  questions on Facebook? What was the color of your first home? What manufacturer was your first car? What high school did you go to? What was your 3rd grade English teacher’s name? All of these questions seem harmless, but they can also be the answers to the security questions from your bank. When social media users post answers to questions like these online, the entire world can see them and take note. These answers are one piece of the puzzle for online hackers to hack into your computer, accounts and more.

Data Collection

Facebook is a platform that collects a lot of data. This data is used to target advertising. For example, if you take a look at some shoes online, have you ever noticed that shoe ads will pop up everywhere following you around? This is targeting advertising. If you show interest in a topic on Facebook or even slow down for a unique post, data is collected on your actions. You are being profiled for advertisers. This may not bother you, but it is also something to consider when on all social media platforms.

In general, enjoy social media, but be aware of your actions as they may have repercussions that can be harmful.

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