Spring Festival Mozart Requiem and Mahler

Spring Festival Mozart Requiem and Mahler (Glacier Symphony)

On Saturday, April 30 and Sunday May 1, 2022, the Spring Festival Mozart Requiem And Mahler is coming to the Flathead High School Performance Hall. This year is Maestro Zoltek’s 25th year as the music director and conductor and each year is even better than the last.

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Spring Festival Mozart Requiem and Mahler Details

On the program is Mozart’s “Requiem”, an iconic piece surrounded by folklore. Anyone who has seen the play or movie “Amadeus” knows that the piece was commissioned by a mysterious stranger in a grey cloak a few months before the composer’s death. Fantasy has it that the stranger was Mozart’s “rival” Salieri and that the composer was poisoned or that Death himself commissioned the work knowing that he was coming for Mozart soon. The truth is that the piece was commissioned by a man who had a habit of doing so anonymously so that he could claim the work as his own and that in this case it was to commemorate his deceased wife. Because Mozart died at about 1 a.m. on December 5th when he had completed only the first two movements of the work, it was finished by one of his pupils so that his widow Constanze would be paid. But then again, on the day he died Mozart said, “Didn’t I say before that I was writing this Requiem for myself?” And, according to one eyewitness account, “his last movement was an attempt to express with his mouth the drum passages in the Requiem.” So who knows the truth? Except that it is one of the most transcendent choral works ever written. And you have the rare opportunity to hear it performed LIVE by the Glacier Symphony and Chorale with spectacular guest soloists! Don’t miss out on Spring Festival Mozart Requiem Mahler 2022!

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About Glacier Symphony

The Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale, is one of the most active performing arts organizations in the inner-mountain northwest. Located in Montana’s beautiful Flathead Valley, the symphony produces a yearly Masterworks season of subscription concerts, educational programming for area schools, the family-friendly outdoor Symphony Night at Rebecca Farm, exclusive special events, and the region’s only weeklong classical music series, Festival Amadeus. Join us as we explore the finest in classical music!

The Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale has its roots in the 1970’s when the Performing Arts Council was formed from a core of music lovers in the Flathead Valley. The Council sponsored recitals and summer concerts in the Valley and later formed The Hockaday Chamber Orchestra, which performed a series of concerts. Glacier Symphony members of this early group included Doug James, Lindy James, and Shauneen and Ray Garner. Learn more – HERE.

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